Casual Joggers Outfit

joggers outfit

If I could wear sweatpants every day, I probably would. Long ago, wearing sweatpants often suggested that you were lazy and didn’t have any fashion sense. Thankfully, over the last few years, we’ve been introduced to a new type of street style‚ÄďAthleisure.

Athleisure is basically wearing comfortable, casual clothing that can be easily worn for both exercise and for normal day wear. The way I am wearing it now is more for lounging (hence the slippers), but I can easily put on some sneakers or even some strappy heels to make this more of a street style.

Nike Joggers

These Nike joggers are obviously the star of the show (aside from Teddy, of course). They are the Nike Tech Fleece Joggers and they run true to size (TTS). I am wearing a size small.

Black Cami

This is hands down my favorite cami ever. It’s Forever 21 basics and less than $4!!!! One thing to note though, is that sometimes can be tricky to locate. I’m linking two options. It runs TTS and I am wearing a size medium. It also comes in a variety of colors! When I say they can sometimes be tricky to locate because it appears the retailer has MANY different individual products for each color. So, you may be looking at the right cami, however, you may not see all the colors it’s available in under one product link.

Oversized Knit Cardigan

This particular oversized cardigan was a gem of a find when Charlotte Russe was rumored to be closing down. Their online store had a huge clearance sale and I was able to snag this for nearly 50% off! As we all know, Charlotte Russe has since announced they will maintain their online store but their brick and mortars will be closing their doors. Since this was a closeout deal, I can’t link the original, but I did link one very similar!

Amazon Slippers

These Amazon slippers are my absolute favorite! They are super comfortable and come in a variety of colors! They are super comfy and cute and are a total dupe for the UGG slippers. I’ve linked both for you. I am wearing a size small (I wear 5.5)

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Amazon plush slippers
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