DIY Boho Basket Pendant Light Under $40 (No Hard-Wire)

This DIY basket pendant light project is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to save money. It costs less than $40 & only takes only 20-minutes to make!
basket pendant light

We’ve always struggled getting enough light in our loft at night time. It’s usually very dim and truthfully, not ideal. I’ve always wanted a beautiful light fixture but we don’t have any hard-wire options for hanging lights except in our kitchen. Not only that, but even plug-in light fixtures can get pricey. So, I decided to make my own! This project is great for beginners, or anyone looking to cut costs when decorating their home! It’s inexpensive, easy, and will only take 20-minutes!

Materials For DIY Basket Pendant Light

All in all, this project shouldn’t cost you any more than $40. You can probably even save more money if you thrift the basket from a local thrift store, a garage sale, or if you happen to have one laying around your house already. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Woven Basket—When choosing your basket, it’s important to find a woven one that has a lot of space in between the weaves. This will allow more light to escape the basket to give a lot more light throughout the room. I found a great basket on sale at Target for less than $30.
  • Light Cord—If you’re looking for a plug-in option, you’ll need to get a light plug that has a cord attached to it. This was a bit tricky for me to find on my own but I ended up finding a heating lamp at the hardware store and removed the outer casing so I was left with the light socket and cord. This is the one I used.
  • Zip Ties—Depending on how your basket is woven, a few zip ties should be all you need to secure the light cord to the basket. You can easily find zip ties at your local hardware store.
  • Scissors or Metal Cutter—My basket came with handles and legs. I removed the handles with scissors and removed the legs with a metal cutter.

How To Make A Basket Pendant Light

The process to make your own basket pendant light should only be around 20 minutes. Here’s what to do…

  1. Remove handles & legs from basket
  2. Flip the basket upside down on a flat surface so the bottom is facing up.
  3. Locate the center of the bottom of the basket. This is where you will attach your light cord.
  4. Feed the plug-side of the light cord through the inside of the basket at the center and pull the plug all the way through. The light socket should be the only thing on the inside of the basket at this point.
  5. Take a few zip ties and secure the cord around the woven pieces of the basket that surround the center. Overlap the zip ties with one another to create a secure hold. I only needed two zip ties for this.
  6. Add a light bulb to the light socket and hang your basket pendant light in your desired area.


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