Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

liz lovery kitchen cabinet hardware

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware:

  • Knobs — 1 1/4″ Knob in Unlacquered Brass
  • Square Backplates — 1 1/4″ Square Backplate in Unlacquered Brass
  • Rectangle Backplates — 1 1/2″ Rectangle Knob Backplate in Unlacquered Brass
  • Drawer Pulls — Millenium in Unlacquered Brass (Ordered 6″ for small drawers and 8″ for large drawers)
  • Latches — Oval Cupboard Latch in Unlacquered Brass

After what felt like weeks of waiting for our kitchen cabinet hardware and glass panel doors, they were finally installed yesterday!

I fell in LOVE with a set of cabinet hardware from a luxury hardware brand (ugh I always do that ???‍♀️? lol) but they were PAINFULLY out of my budget—so I attempted to create my own version by ordering knobs and backplates from MyKnobs that brought the total price down and I saved about 75% compared to the luxury brand version! GO ME! ?

I ordered a combination of knobs, pulls, and latches to fit various cabinet door styles and functionalities, all in unlacquered brass. I’m so pleased with how they look against the off-white cabinets, it really adds a lot of warmth to the space!

Unlacquered brass is considered a “living finish” and will patina, or age, over time, giving a uniquely aged and antique look, which is exactly what I was going for with this kitchen: old-world charm and character with modern functionality! ?

We still have a ways to go before this kitchen is complete but this was a HUGE step in the right direction!

liz lovery kitchen cabinet hardware

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