5 Fun Date Night Ideas Based On Your Love Language

Make every date night special with one of these fun date night ideas based on your love language!
Date night ideas based on your love language

If you’re in a relationship or are in the dating scene, date nights can sometimes feel mundane and repetitive. I mean, there’s only so many times one can enjoy dinner and some Netflix & chill before it starts to get boring…

If you really want to WOW your partner, or simply try something new, here are some fun date night ideas based on your love language (or your partner’s love language!) If you’re unsure of what your love language is, or your partner’s, for that matter, don’t worry—I’ll explain everything in this blog! So, next time you want to get creative with your date nights, give these ideas a try!

1. Words Of Affirmation

If your love language is Words of Affirmation, you feel the most loved through quality conversation and verbal encouragement. If this is your partner’s love language, you can show them how much you care about them by sending an unexpected note, card, or text, and genuinely encourage them on a regular basis.

Date Night Idea: Love Language Card Game

If this sounds like you, you’ll love the Love Language card game from Amazon. The deck comes with 150 cards and each card has a question/prompt. There are several card categories to choose from, like sex and intimacy, family, past and future, couple, and personal. Playing is simple: pick a card and take turns answering. The questions are designed to explore and deepen your connection with one another through meaningful conversation. Even if you’ve been married for 10 years, this game is perfect for bringing the spark back to your marriage, getting to know each other all over again, and reminiscing old memories together.

2. Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, you feel the most loved when you have uninterrupted time with your partner. This is focused time where you can bond with your S.O. without distractions. If your partner’s love language is quality time, create special moments together, go for a walk, or take them on a weekend getaway—and remember, the key here is to do it without distractions (ahem… as in, NO PHONES!)

Date Night Idea: Roshambo Take Out Dinner Date

The roshambo, otherwise known as “rock paper scissors”, take out dinner date is a great option if your love language is quality time. Instead of ordering take out from one place, spice things up and order each dinner course from different restaurants—winner’s choice. Here’s how it works:

Each round you will roshambo (rock paper scissors). Whoever wins that round will get to choose what to order for that portion of the meal (it can be any cuisine from any restaurant)

  • Round 1: Drinks
  • Round 2: Appetizers
  • Round 3: Main Course
  • Round 4: Dessert

Place your food orders for pick-up, get in the car, and take a field trip together to pick up your dinner! Enjoy some conversation or listen to music in the car and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Gifts

If your love language is gifts, you feel the most loved with tangible affection. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you only like to receive materialistic presents, but even something tangible that let’s your partner know they are thinking of you makes you light up. If your partner’s love language is gifts, try bringing them breakfast in bed, surprising them a cup of coffee from their favorite coffee shop, or even toss their guilty pleasure snack into the shopping cart next time you’re at the store for a surprise dessert.

Date Night Idea: Target Challenge

This date night idea doesn’t have to be at Target, you can do it at whatever store you want! But, here’s how to do it: Head to a department store with a spending limit in mind. You’ll each have a list of categories where you will find a gift for your partner. For example:

Find what you think their favorite snack is, their favorite drink, their favorite candy, something in their favorite color, and something they need. Exchange your gifts and see what your partner picked out for you! This will also help you learn more about one another and what you like and dislike.

4. Physical Touch 

If your love language is physical touch, physical affection makes you feel special. And no, this doesn’t only mean sex. This can include holding hands, snuggling up on the couch together, or even something as small as your partner touching your lower back when you’re in public.

Date Night Idea: Living Room Dance Lessons

A fun date night idea for those who love physical touch, is taking living room dance lessons. Not only will you and your partner be all over each other, but you’ll learn a new skill & have a blast doing it! A few benefits to doing them virtually is being able to take them in the comfort of your own home and the variety of styles and skill levels to choose from. A fun and affordable one to try is Show Her Off Dance!

5. Acts Of Service 

If your love language is acts of service, you feel the most loved when your partner goes out of their way to help you or that make you feel like a team. If your partner’s love language is acts of service, help them with chores around the house (without being asked), pump the gas at the gas station, or open the door for them.

Date Night Idea: Cook Dinner Together (From Scratch!)

Cooking together is a great way to not only spend time together, but a simple way to spoil your partner! Bonus points if you make something from scratch, like pasta, sourdough bread, or pizza, or a try a new cuisine neither of you have tried before!

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