How To Avoid Buyers Remorse When Buying Furniture Online

Here's how to determine whether furniture & decor will look in your home BEFORE you buy it! (+Video)

Have you ever wanted to see how a piece of furniture looks in your home or alongside another piece of furniture BEFORE you buy it? There’s nothing worse than receiving a piece of furniture online and not liking it once you see it in your space. Returning furniture is not only a hassle, but it can get expensive to send back! Not to mention the time you’ve lost and the money you’ve frozen in your account until the return is verified. And the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck with an item they aren’t “in love with” just because it wasn’t what you hoped…

Here’s a tip (and the exact process I use) to visualize an item in your space or see how it looks alongside other items you’ve got your eye on. I do this before buying anything major online and I SWEAR by it! Doing this has saved me soooooo much time, energy, and MONEY when ordering anything on online.

How To Easily Visualize The Furniture In Your Space

  1. Save an image of the item you’re thinking about ordering.
  2. Upload the photo to (or any other online tool that will remove the background of an image)
  3. Save the new image (with a transparent background) to your desktop
  4. Create a free account on Canva and create a blank template (you can use any size)
  5. Upload the photo with transparent background and add it to your canvas. (If you have a Canva Pro account, you won’t need to worry about steps 1-3 because Canva Pro has this feature built in.

From here, you can resize and adjust the dimensions to see it next to other pieces of furniture. I recommend adding a photo of the room you’re considering as the background to see the item in your space).

It might seem tedious for some, but trust me when I say it will save you sooooo much time on the backend if, for whatever reason, you’re not in love with it.

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