Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea (2020)

If you're looking for a good tablescape idea for your next gather, look no further. I'm sharing a few tips on how to create a gorgeous tablescape at the last minute!

I love a good tablescape for a special occasion. If you’re ever stumped on what to use for a decorate centerpiece or need something at the last minute, here are some quick and affordable ideas to try.

Last Minute Tablescape Ideas

  1. Incorporate seasonal fruits/vegetables like sugar pumpkins, acorn squash, and gourds.
  2. Natural greenery like fresh eucalyptus is not only affordable, but also easy to find at your local Trader Joe’s or flower shop.
  3. Candles are always a great option as a last minute tablescape decor.

So if you’re really looking to make a statement at your Thanksgiving dinner but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a really economical way to go! As an added bonus, you can cook with it later on!

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