How To Create A Luxury Beach Picnic (+Packing List)

Ready to hop on the luxury picnic trend? Here's a list of everything you need to create the ultimate beach picnic & charcuterie spread!
Beach picnic

Luxury picnics are all the rage these days, and for good reason! If there’s one thing I’ve learned to appreciate more throughout the stay-at-home order, is making the most of what I have. With bars and restaurants closed for months on end, us Californians have had to get create and learn how to create a memorable dining experience that is not only socially distanced, but gives us the ambiance of our beautiful beachside towns. And thus, the luxury beach picnic craze was born!

Setting up a luxury picnic can definitely feel intimidating, but don’t worry—I got you! I’m sharing all the things you’ll need to pack for a luxury beach picnic, including the decor, table settings, and even a detailed menu! So, whether you want to surprise your honey with a romantic date night, plan a Bridgerton-inspired picnic with your girlfriends, or to simply enjoy being the main character in your life, this luxury picnic guide is for you!

Beach Picnic Packing List

Although many of the luxury picnics you’ll see on Instagram are at the beach, you can enjoy the same set up pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking to set up a beach picnic, or any picnic for that matter, here are some items to pack with you to create the ultimate set up.

  1. Floor Pillows—These are definitely a game changer! If you plan to sit and enjoy yourself for a long time, or someone in attendance has back issues, these floor pillows are perfect for the occasion! They also come in a variety of patterns and colors!
  2. Extra Large Wooden Cheese Board—Perhaps one of my favorite things about this set up is the oversized cheese board. I wasn’t anticipating it to be this large and in charge when I initially ordered it, but it certainly comes in handy for setting up a beach picnic or hosting large gatherings!
  3. Wicker Side Table—As much as one might think bringing a side table to a beach picnic is completely unnecessary, it’s not. Trust me when I say that having a dedicated area for your wine or beverages that’s slightly higher and off the ground than the picnic table will make your life a whole lot easier and reduce the possibility of spills.
  4. Beach Blanket—No picnic is complete without a beach blanket! Any beach blanket will do but I definitely prefer thicker blankets on the beach.
  5. Gold Candleholders—Nothing says luxury like gold candlesticks! They are simple and don’t take up a lot of space on the charcuterie board.
  6. Ceramic Plates—I absolutely love these plates from World Market. They come in a set of 4 and each plate has a different pattern! This is so cute to add some variety to your set up.
  7. Napkin Rings—Napkin rings are definitely not necessary, but they look so beautiful upon arrival. This little detail will definitely give it that “wow” factor.
  8. Cloth Napkins—When it comes to outdoor dining, you have consider the elements. One gust of wind and your paper napkins might be long gone. In order to prevent a natural picnic disaster and be left without napkins, opt for cloth napkins. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly!
  9. Cheese Knife Set—This cheese knife set is small and compact, which is perfect for taking with you on a picnic!
  10. Cheese Markers—I can’t tell you how convenient cheese markers are! It not only helps you and your guests identify which cheeses are what, but also helps you make a better decision when mixing and matching the meats and spreads!
  11. Picnic Basket—This is definitely a no-brainer. But if you don’t already have a good picnic basket, this one is great!
  12. Cream Throw Pillows—If you want to take your beach picnic to the next level, you need to consider the “cozy” element. Throw pillows are a great way to create a more inviting space and even gives you an opportunity to snuggle up at the end of the night and stargaze.
  13. Stemless Wine Glass—The best bet for prevent anyone from spilling their drink is to opt for stemless wine glasses. They’re easier to manage outdoors and great for uneven surfaces like sand or grass.
  14. Portable Picnic TableI have to admit that finding a portable picnic table for sale was very difficult. So, we built our own! Check out the tutorial on how we did it!

What To Put On A Charcuterie Board

In addition to the set up, you’ll also need to pack some food and drinks. The beauty of a beach picnic is that you can create any menu you’d like. One of the most common beach picnic menus is charcuterie! I mean, who doesn’t love a variety of meat and cheese accompanied by fruits, nuts, spread, and bread? Add some wine to that and you’re golden! If you’re unsure of what to include on your charcuterie board, be sure to check out this blog for what to include in the ultimate charcuterie spread!

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